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Z - The test.

27/09/2010 20:32
 You will be using a number of pictures to make a duplicate of the final picture.  You need to think about how you will be doing it.  The idea is to use all the techniques that you have learned....  Your teacher will send you all the files....

U - Learning About Lightroom.

07/01/2018 19:59
It's at the adobe help area.  This tutorial will do everything.  All the lightroom you need to learn.   YOu need to go over the top section in order to do this next section/lessons which have the files you need.  Emailthe before and after photos to your teacher after all your...

T Panarama pictures

24/02/2011 11:49
Check out this video.  It's easy to do.  Show me the final picture for assessment.

S - Choose three out of all of these. Your choice.

06/10/2010 19:15
    Animation students must do the above one.   Animation students must do the above one.       Animation students MUST do the one above.

R - Photoshop Splatter pattern on a person.

06/10/2010 18:41
Most people want to see how they do that commercial where the basketball person jumps and turns into water.  It's one thing to do on a video it's another to do on a photo (the photo is easier).  So below is a tutorial from Eric Schaap that's simple and great to learn.   Put up your...

Q - Watercolor effect.

20/02/2013 20:45
Turn one of your pictures (of you or a family vacation) into a watercolor.  You can then bring the file to costco and make it into a poster at a low price.  It's worth the effort.  Here's the link to follow their directions.  Look below at the before and after photos from the...

P - Making a Photo within a Photo with a new way of Masking.

20/02/2013 20:41
Now this looks cool, and it's easy as well.  Will take you only one block to do.  You get to choose your own picture but the idea is you will frame a picture, with a background surrounding it turning to black and white.  So choose a picture (remember creative commons) - perferably...

O - Water Reflection Effect in Photoshop

20/02/2013 20:39
Although this may sound like it's difficult, it really isn't.  The link is here Thanks to Photoshop Essentials web site.  Have fun.  I did.

need to finish your cloning assignment and pair assignment by Friday.

24/02/2011 11:50

N - Making Ice Text

01/03/2011 17:40
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